Course Research year: introduction course


Course leader: Jasper Nijkamp

Language: English

Graduate school: Faculty of Health

Course fee: 0.00 DKK

Status: Course is open for application

Semester: Fall 2024

Application deadline: 10/09/2024

Cancellation deadline: 10/09/2024

Course type: Classroom teaching

Start date: 24/09/2024

Administrator: Johanne Gregor Højgaard


This course is only for Research Year students enrolled 1 September 2024

Please note

The application and cancellation deadline is the same date.

A901/02 Research year: introduction course is being offered by the Graduate School of Health, Aarhus University, 2024.

This introduction course is for students that are at their start of their research year. The course will be held twice a year, approximately 3 weeks after students have started (February 1st or September 1st). During the course afternoon (12:00 – 15:30) we will have three focus areas:

  • 1) What does it entail to be a researcher?
    1. Critical thinking
    2. Nomenclature
    3. Publishing/presenting your work
    4. Work environment
  • 2) Project management
    1. Project plan
    2. Time management
    3. Reflection on action
  • 3) Network and experience sharing with peers

The course is aimed to kickstart your research year, create a sense of community, and manage expectations. The course is coordinated by associate professor Jasper Nijkamp (IKM), in collaboration with the Selskab for Medicinsk Studenterforskning (SMS). There is no preparation or homework for students. You get no ECTS points for this course.

Venue: Aarhus University, Aarhus. 

Participation in the course is free of charge for research year students enrolled 1 September 2024

Course dates:

  • 24 September 2024 12:00 - 15:30