Course Patient reported outcomes (PRO) in clinical research

ECTS: 2.6

Course leader: Annette De Thurah

Language: English

Graduate school: Faculty of Health

Graduate program: ClinFO

Course fee: 3,120.00 DKK

Status: Course is open for application

Semester: Spring 2024

Application deadline: 12/02/2024

Cancellation deadline: 26/02/2024

Course type: Classroom teaching

Start date: 12/03/2024

Administrator: Lena Melchior Villadsen

The course C316/02, Patient reported outcomes (PRO) in clinical research is being offered by the Graduate School of Health, Aarhus University, 2024.

Criteria for participation: University degree in medicine, dentistry, nursing, or Master’s degree in other fields and/or postgraduate research fellows (PhD students and research-year medical students).

Aim: PRO data has the potential to measure what matters to patients in their daily life, so PRO assessments are critical aspects of clinical research. Thus, the overall aim of this course is to ensure high quality research based on PRO data, and to introduce the PhD students to the methodology of using PRO in clinical research.  

Learning outcomes: By the end of this course the students will

  • be able to design, analyse, report and interpret PROs in clinical research

Workload: The full workload of the course is expected to be 60 hours (including contact hours).

Content: The course is an introduction to use of PRO in clinical research with a special emphasize on clinical trials. Thus, the focus is mainly on the application of PRO in research rather than on design and psychometric evaluation of questionnaires. The attenders will be presented for the use of international PRO guidelines for selecting, analyzing and reporting PRO data. As an example, the course will cover the following areas; selection of PRO measures, evaluation of PRO measures, writing PRO protocols, how to handle missing data, analyzing PRO etc.

Instructors: Professor Melanie Calvert, Birmingham, UK, research fellow Olalekan Aiyegbusi, Birmingham, UK, MD, PhD associate professor Lene Kongsgaard Nielsen, Dept. of Clinical Medicine, Gødstrup Hospital, RN, PhD Liv Marit Valen Schougaard, AmbuFlex, Central Denmark Region, Prof Annette de Thurah, Aarhus University, Birgit Engelst Grove, AmbuFlex,  Central Denmark Region, Prof, David Høyrup Christiansen, Department of clinical Medicine & Regional hospital, Viborg, prof Henrik Støvring, Steno Diabetes, Aarhus University Hospital, post doc, Lotte Sørensen, Aarhus University Hospital.

Venue: Aarhus University, Aarhus.

Participation in the course is without cost for:

Course dates:

  • 12 March 2024 09:15 - 15:30
  • 13 March 2024 09:15 - 16:00
  • 14 March 2024 09:15 - 15:30