Course ‘Dialogue’ – A Trans-Disciplinary Concept and Bridge-Building Practice

ECTS: 1.5

Course leader: Claudia Welz

Language: English

Graduate school: Faculty of Arts

Course fee: 1,800.00 DKK

Status: Course is finished

Semester: Fall 2023

Application deadline: 10/11/2023

Cancellation deadline: 10/11/2023

Course type: Blended learning

Start date: 13/12/2023

Administrator: Henriette Jaquet


All students are placed on a waiting list until we reach application deadline.

This PhD course originates in the collective research project “Epistemological Aspects of ‘Dialogue’: Exploring the Potential of the Second-Person Perspective” (see, which is devoted to an exploration of ‘dialogue’ as a “trans-disciplinary key concept” (Paul Mendes-Flohr) and bridge-building practice that is crucial for any interhuman encounter, not least for intercultural or interreligious encounters.

Despite an almost inflationary use of the word in a range of different disciplines, the very notion of ‘dialogue’ lacks conceptual clarity. Therefore, this course invites PhD students and postdoctoral research fellows to investigate ‘dialogue’ and the I-Thou-relation in a multi-approach analysis that may include, for instance, religious studies, existential philosophy, philosophy of dialogue, hermeneutics, phenomenology, deconstruction, literary theory, theories of communication, and psychology.

If we ignore that which is unique to dialogue, namely the performative, unforeseeable and surprising character of address and response in a shared space of reflection, we also miss the insights we can gain from this interactive process. The dialogical relation exceeds what one person alone or what a neutral observer can see and compare; it differs fundamentally from both the insider-perspective of the first person and the outsider-perspective of the third person. Self-expression and the impression of otherness come together in the mutually binding sphere ‘in-between’ the interlocutors.

Therefore, the announced course focuses on the question of what quality and status can be attributed to the ‘in-between’ that mediates the dialogical relation between self and other – across personal, national, and geographical borders.

We invite PhD papers. If you want to present your work, please send the title and abstract (around 250 words) of your proposed paper by October 20.


The aim of this course is to provide

  1. an introduction into classical texts on ‘dialogue’
  2. an overview of how ‘dialogue’ works as a trans-disciplinary concept and bridge-building practice
  3. a critical discussion of the theory and practice of ‘dialogue’ in different research discipline


The course materials will be forwarded via email.

Target group:

This course will primarily target PhD students, but advanced MA students, postdoctoral research fellows, as well as colleagues interested in the theme are welcome, too.


  • Keynote lectures
  • Presentations of PhD and postdoctoral papers
  • Reading sessions focusing on classical texts on dialogue from different disciplines

ECTS credits:

1,5 ECTS for preparation and participation without paper

2,5 ECTS for attending the course and presenting a paper


Course responsible: Claudia Welz

Team members: Bjarke M.S. Hansen, Essi Ikonen, Sasja Stopa

Invited speakers from abroad: TBA


Campus Aarhus, Konferencecentret, Fredrik Nielsensvej 4, 8000 Aarhus C., room M1


Course dates:

  • 13 December 2023 09:00 - 16:00
  • 14 December 2023 09:00 - 16:00