Course Collecting qualitative research data

ECTS: 3.9

Course leader: Sanne Angel

Language: English

Graduate school: Faculty of Health

Graduate program: PH

Course fee: 4,680.00 DKK

Status: Course is open for application

Semester: Spring 2024

Application deadline: 09/01/2024

Cancellation deadline: 23/01/2024

Course type: Classroom teaching

Start date: 06/02/2024

Administrator: Johanne Gregor Nielsen

The course P169/14 Collecting qualitative research data is being offered by the Graduate School of Health, Aarhus University, spring 2024.

Criteria for participation: University degree in medicine, dentistry, nursing, or Master’s degree in other fields and/or postgraduate research fellows (PhD students and research-year medical students).

Aim: Participants will acquire a science-based, theoretical understanding for and basic skills in applying different methods for the purpose of producing empirical material.

Learning outcomes:

  • The student will have knowledge of principles of more qualitative approaches and qualitative methods in general
  • The student will be able to judge the different methods’ relevance to study designs
  • The student will have knowledge about the different form of data collection
  • The student will have collected data in form of field observation and interviews

Workload: The full workload of the course is expected to be 94 hours

Content: The course introduces a number of commonly applied qualitative methods (participant observation, qualitative interviews, focus group discussions, video recordings, action research), with emphasis on the following: producing data material, the connection between method and methodology, which basic assumptions form the different methods, and which opportunities and limits each method entails.

Emphasis is placed on training the methods through supervised exercises. The course provides the student with the basis for taking a reflected methodical choice and gives the student the opportunity to acquire specific experience with data collection needed for fundamental research knowledge.

The course consists of three days of teaching and combines introductory lectures with exercises in smaller groups or individually. Active participation from the students is expected. Please note the mandatory assignment before the course (expected length 10 hours)

Head of course: Sanne Angel, Associate Professor, Research Unit of Nursing and Healthcare, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University.

Venue: Aarhus University, Aarhus

Participation in the course is without cost for:

Course dates:

  • 06 February 2024 09:00 - 15:45
  • 07 February 2024 09:00 - 15:45
  • 08 February 2024 09:00 - 15:45