Course Relational Approaches to Autonomy and their applications


Course leader: Katrine Krause-Jensen

Language: English

Graduate school: Faculty of Arts

Course fee: 0.00 DKK

Status: Course is open for application

Semester: Fall 2022

Application deadline: 18/10/2022

Start date: 02/11/2022

Administrator: Henriette Jaquet


All students are placed on a waiting list until we reach application deadline.

Relational approaches to autonomy covers a wide range of different approaches to autonomy that, however, traditionally have in common to emphasise the need to turn away from an atomistic conception of the self and see an agent as always historically and socially situated. During the ph.d course we shall look at such relational approaches and their applications in different philosophical discussions.
Preparation before the course: Read the suggested readings and prepare a 30 minutes presentation on Relational Autonomy/The application of a relational conception of autonomy on a specific philosophical discussion for the second day of the course.

Day 1: Wednesday 2. November: Workshop: Relational Autonomy
8:15 – 16:00 and 19.00 Workshop dinner
Meeting room 2, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C, Building 1421, 2 sal, 
Presentation of papers and work in progress related to the theme of the Hartnack Lecture (Relational Autonomy). Staff, PhD students and MA students will be invited to participate. All presenters will be invited to suggest preparatory readings (e.g. a written version of their presentation or central background texts)
•    Natalie Stoljar: ‘Self-Constituting Vulnerability and Relational Autonomy’
•    Morten Dige: ’Assisted death and the vilification of autonomy´
•    Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen: ’The Proper Address Condition for Consent’
•    Andrew James Latham: ‘Relational Autonomy and Psychological Binding’
•    Viki Møller Lyngby Pedersen: ’Affirmative Action, Paternalism and Respect’ 
•    Katrine Krause-Jensen: ‘Relational autonomy, Shame and Discrimination’
•    Maybe Hugo Cossette-Lefabvre???: TBA

Day 2: Thursday 3. November: Ph.D Workshop: Relational Autonomy
8:15 - 16:00
Meeting room 2.3, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C, Building1421, 2 sal.
PhD paper presentation and discussion
Staff responding to presentations: Natalie Stoljar, Søren Midtgaard, Andreas Bengtson and Katrine Krause-Jensen

Day 3: Friday 4. November: Hartnack Lecture: Natalie Stoljar (McGill University) ‘How does structural oppression undermine autonomy?’
13:00 - 16:00 and 19:00 Hartnack Lecture dinner
Auditorie 1, Tåsingegade 3, 8000 Aarhus C, building 1441, room 012 
Lunch: 12:00 - 13:00
Lecture 13.00 – 15.00
Reception 15.00 – 16.00

Preparation after the course: it is possible to choose not to present a paper on day two and hand in a paper on the topics of the workshop. This paper is due to be handed in on 18th November 2022 to Katrine Krause-Jensen


The students will gain an understanding of relational approaches to autonomy and the application of a relational approach to autonomy in different philosophical settings.
Further, the students will gain hands on experience with presenting at and participating in workshops.


See attached course description
the students are expected to read around 750 pages in preparation to the course in addition to the literature they use for their presentation/paper.

Target group:

The course is targeted PhD students at all stages of the education.


The form of the course will be mixed. There will be lectures, paper presentations by the participants and participation in a workshop with scholars.


Katrine Krause-Jensen and Natalie Stoljar


Wednesday: Room 2, Building 1421 Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4
Thursday: Room 2.3, Building 1421 Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4
Friday: Auditorie 1,Room 012,Building 1441, Tåsingegade 3

Course dates:

  • 02 November 2022 08:15 - 16:00
  • 03 November 2022 08:15 - 16:00
  • 04 November 2022 13:00 - 16:00